Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lush 'Santa's Belly' Shower Jelly

If you follow me on either Instagram and/or Twitter, you will know that I have developed somewhat of an 'aggressive' obsession with Lush shall we say. I haven't spent my money on anything else apart from food, transport, and Lush stuff recently which I think says a lot in itself, haha! I had actually managed to finish almost all of my skincare supplies at the same time a few weeks ago, and whilst picking up another batch of my long loved gems I decided it only fair to step outside my comfort zone a little and really explore the extent of Lush's vast product range. Safe to say - I'm so happy that I did! Today I thought I would review the item that was most outside of my comfort zone: 'Santa's Belly Shower Jelly'.

I had never been drawn to using a shower jelly before as, in all honesty, I wasn't quite sure how to actually use them, and perceived them as far more fuss than my regular shower gel option. Even so, Santa's Belly managed to grab my eye with its gorgeous, deep red attire, hosting cute little fun stars inside. The smell of this in the pot is exactly like freshly cut apples. More precisely: freshly cut pink lady apples. Yum! If you're a little disappointed that the 'So White' shower gel didn't make a return in this year's Christmas collection, I'd definitely give this jelly a second look as it could just be the thing to calm the pain in your shower product-loving void. Once I actually started using this in the shower under a line of warm water, I noticed that the scent of this item began to dramatically change.

The intensity of the apples was gorgeous, although it was accompanied by the smell of freshly poured, potent red wine. If you like the smell of wine, then this is perfect for you - but if you don't? Don't be silly like me and pick this up without reading the label first, ahh! I really cannot stand the smell of wine (if you are a Fresher/have ever been a Fresher I'm sure there's at least one alcoholic beverage that you've been put off for life). 

Nevertheless, the reason why I'm still recommending that you check this product out is that it really was absolutely wonderful for cleansing the skin, and the scent lasts on your skin all. day. long. I stood away from the shower, rubbed it all over me (surprisingly, it was far easier to keep a grip of than I had previously anticipated), then stepped back under the flow of the shower to really let it's goodness lather up. It has a really satisfying, rich lather too which is feels great in my opinion. Never before have I had a shower product that's scent has lingered on my skin for the whole day - absolutely incredible! It's just unfortunate that the smell just wasn't for me... typical! Either way, I'd highly recommend this product if you're looking for something practical but a little quirky, and of course - like the smell of wine and freshly cut apples!

Price: £7.95/250g (as pictured above)

Noteworthy Ingredients: Fresh apple juice, vegan red wine, bergamot oil, neroli oil.

Would I repurchase?: No - purely due to the fact that I can't stand the smell of wine. I was so pleased with how long lasting its scent was though, and that it actually did do a good job of cleansing my skin that I will definitely be purchasing another Lush shower jelly. Any recommendation? (I love Lemongrass and Cassis!)

Have you tried any of Lush's shower jellies? What were your thoughts?

- Hannah x


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