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Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb

I know, I knoooooow. Oh deary me. I think it's safe to say that I got a litttttttle (ok, a lot) behind on publishing my Blogmas posts but never fear! I aim to have fully caught up by the end of the week, so stay tuned for lots of new updates over the next few coming days! Life, health, uni deadlines and social life all got in the way - blimey, December is a bit of a busy one isn't it?! Either way, as I've shared numerous times before here on Hannah Delacour, I find there's nothing better to help you relax in the evenings than to have a nice, warm (aka burning hot) bath - especially now that we've moved into the winter months! I'd never tried many things from the Lush Christmas range before so I was super excited to pick up quite a few goodies this year, and the first I had to try just haaaad to be this cute lil' bath bomb named 'Butterbear'. 

The nose and yes on mine seem to have rubbed away during the trip home which, I won't lie, does make it look a little creepy. Nevertheless, it was so refreshing to see a bath bomb in Lush that is of a different shape to it's usual balls of goodness. I mean... how could I resist?! Look how cute! What I also love about the Butterbear bath bomb is that it's cheaper than a lot of the bath products that Lush has to offer, with an RRP of £1.95 (link) per bear. Whilst the pricing does come up cheaper because Butterbear is smaller than a lot of it's bath friends, I actually appreciate that. Sometimes I just want a shallow, quick bath and not have to feel guilty for wasting a £4 super fancy bath bomb! As a result, if you're looking for something that'll liven up your regular quick bath, I'd definitely recommend that you pick this beauty up.

The Butterbear bath bomb by Lush possesses a beautifully rich vanilla and cocoa powder scent, and once put in the bath I felt as though I was bathing in milky hot chocolate goodness. What I also love about it's scent is that it isn't too 'in your face', as it boasts a far more subtle, cosy scent which was just delightful to relax in for half an hour. Also, this baby made my room smell absolutely divine during the week before I actually got round to using it so I definitely think that it would make for a great last minute Christmas gift for anyone who at the very least likes a good smell!

The only thing I would say I didn't particularly like about this bath bomb is that it fizzed away quite quickly. I knew it wouldn't be a super fancy, colour-sparking, glitter-projecting ballistic when I bought it, but I couldn't help but feel a bit 'meh' after it fizzed away so quickly. Nevertheless, it's cocoa scent did last for the duration of the bath which truly was delightful (There's nothing worse than a 5 minute scent!!). I think that scent lingered for so long as it stemmed from the hefty chunks of Fair Trade cocoa butter hidden inside, which melted away beautifully as to coat my whole skin in a gorgeous, buttery film. Ew... that actually sounds quite gross when I say it like that, but if you like that sort of thing it really is fabulous and saves hopping around in the cold applying body moisturiser after! Also, as a result, I definitely feel that this bath bomb would be the bath bomb for you if you're looking for something particularly nourishing and/or have sensitive skin. Butterbear really doesn't have a lot of ingredients so perhaps it may be more suitable for those whom usually have skin too sensitive to comfortably use other Lush bath products?

Overall, the Butterbear bath bomb by Lush is visually cute, but underwhelming once it enters the bath. Whilst it looks fun, it definitely isn't one of Lush's 'funner' bath bomb options so I wouldn't recommend it for those reasons. However, if you're looking for something simple, affordable, like the smell of cocoa and want something that'll get the job done - I'd highly recommend that you check this lil' cutie next time you're in store or online (link)!

What's your favourite Lush Christmas product?
- Hannah x

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