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The Beauty Expert Collection - The Rose Edition

Beauty Expert is one of my favourite places to online shop all things skincare and beauty. Not only do they stock an amazing range of brands and products, but they often host quite frequent discount offers which I've found to prove a lot more enticing than it's competitors. What is even more exciting however is that Beauty Expert have now launched their own collection series, 'The Beauty Expert Collection', whereby each collection that's released will contain selected products that tie in with a particular theme. For the collections launch, Beauty Expert decided to go with a rose theme, meaning all the products contained within will have some relation to rose, which personally I think is a perfect choice for these summer months as rose is one of those skincare saviours perfect for soothing irritated, perhaps sensitive skin that can sometimes arise at this time of year from sun exposure.

As you can see, the collection comes in a lovely little vanity case which feels of superb quality, making this particular collection a nice change from a usual cardboard box. I really feel that this simple touch makes the whole experience of uncovering the secrets within all that more exciting, and it really does help to add that luxury feel to the experience...
which is perfect for gift giving or if you fancy treating yourself I say! After unzipping the case, untying the ribbon bow, and getting past that gorgeous baby pink tissue paper, you're greeted with a bunch of what I like to call 'squiggles' (do these have a name?!) made out of thick card. Once again, this may be something that people may not usually take much notice of, but sensually, the feeling of all the layers you encounter whilst working your way to the products are that of the highest quality which I really do feel makes a huge difference in the experience of receiving and opening this collection. 

 And we're in! Woohooooooo! I know what you're thinking, I couldn't possibly throw any more praise at this collection right? Well you're wrong because ALL of the specially selected products that are included in this rose edition - as well as all future editions - are full sized products which I think is just amazing. The contents of The Beauty Expert Collections Rose Edition amounts to a whopping £134 of products, which is incredible when considering the collection itself costs a mere £50. Yes, £50 is still a lot of money, let's not beat around the bush here, but seeing as each product selected are some of each brands top selling/customer favourite items, you're not getting dealt any random rubbish here. Just for some perspective: The Ark Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil and Balance Me Rose Otto Body Cream alone soon exceed that £50 mark, which I hope demonstrates the value you are getting by purchasing The Beauty Expert Collection! 

In this Rose Edition Collection, you will find the following products:

I have attached a direct link to each product via the list above if you wish to take a look at those specific ingredients and/or reviews, however if you were thinking about treating yourself, a friend, family member, or even looking to stock up then I'd recommend checking out The Beauty Expert Collection page which can be viewed here (< link).

Overall, (if you couldn't already tell!) I'm extremely impressed by this new launch from Beauty Expert, and I have to say it is probably one of the best collective items on the market that I've seen. A range of well known as well as perhaps some often overlooked brands will be included in coming editions, giving us that perfect opportunity to try out and learn more about brands and/or products that we perhaps may not have encountered before which I think just adds to the exciting feel of The Beauty Expert Collection. I'm so happy I've finally got these photos taken because I am alllll set for a pamper night this evening and I honestly can't wait to delve in and give these products a try! If you've tried any of the products above do let me know what you thought, and if you're planning on picking this up I'm sorry but really not sorry for enabling because honestly, you will not regret that purchase. The great thing is, if a rose theme isn't for you, then you may find that the following editions are more up your street! (I don't think I'm allowed to tell you the themes of the next two editions but lets just say that come November there will be a CHRISTMAS ONE AHHHHHHHHH! (I can't be the only one excited about Christmas in the middle of July can I?!) Anyhoo, I'm rambling on. Sorry! I haven't been as active as I would have otherwise preferred due to dissertation work and health issues, but I'm so happy to be back and I'm looking forward to getting back into regular uploads!

I hope you've all had the best week ever,
Hannah x

*I was very kindly invited to The Beauty Expert Collection pre-launch where I was fortunate enough to not only recieve this edition, but to also hear the thoughts and processes that went into producing the collection, the hows and whys of the brand and product selections, alongside very interesting and informative talks from a few of the involved brands about why their products are so highly recommended. I am not however being paid or sponsored to publish this content, and all opinions are my own. I'm just super excited to have found something that is of such luxury quality but for great value so how could I not share it with you all?!

The above links are affiliate links. Fundamentally, all that means is that if you click on and buy through that link, I may receive a small commission for referring you to the product. This comes at absolutely no extra cost to you so don't worry! If you don't want to buy through the links, that's absolutely fine. If you do decide to however, then thank you for helping to support the Hannah Delacour blog! <3


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